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Aim Instruments
applied innovative metrology
Current Probe for PCB measurement

Aim Instruments Ltd. was formed to exploit new technology within the areas of metrology and instrumentation.

We work to form partnerships with research bodies and academic organisations to apply new and innovative technology to specific problems of measurement, primarily in the field of electronics.

Our expertise in product development and advanced manufacturing techniques enables us to convert blue sky research into practical measurement instruments.

Aim and Thurlby Thandar Instruments

Aim Instruments is part of the group of companies that includes Thurlby Thandar Instruments.

The portfolio of products from Aim Instruments and Thurlby Thandar Instruments (TTi) is grouped under the overall banner of Aim-TTi.

Aim I-prober 520 
Aim I-prober 520

The I-prober 520 positional current probe is unlike any other current measurement device available.xxx

Calibrated measurement of current normally requires the current to be passed through a closed magnetic loop. Typically this is done using some form of split clamp device. Whereas this is suitable for individual wires, it is of no use for measuring current in PCB tracks.

The I-prober 520 is a compact hand-held probe which is used with an oscilloscope. By placing the insulated tip of the probe onto a PCB track, the current flowing in the track can be observed and measured.

The Aim I-prober makes instant PCB track current measurements a reality.
find out more about the Aim I-prober 
Learn more about the new I-prober 520 current probe  including detailed description, technical specifications and explanatory videos.

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